Do It Yourself (May 1997)

5.5 / 10

Insipid, generic Britpop fare.

In the summer of 1989, John Squire was asked by The Cut what he planned to be doing in ten years' time:

He wasn't joking.

1. I Want You To Know
2. Blinded By The Sun
3. Suicide Drive
4. The Boy In The Picture
5. Love Is The Law
6. Happiness Is Eggshaped
7. Love Me And Leave Me
8. Round The Universe
9. 1999
10. Standing On Your Head
11. Hello

Released 1997:
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GEFD-A-25134, US Advance CD)
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GEFD-25134, US CD)
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GFEC 25134 / DGM 1613, Indonesian CD)

Released May 1997:
Do It Yourself (Geffen, MVCF-24002, Japanese CD)
Do It Yourself (Geffen, MVCF-24002, Japanese Promo CD)

Released 26th May 1997:
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GED 25134, CD)
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GEF 25134, LP)
Do It Yourself (Geffen, GEC 25134, cassette)

UK Chart position: #2

Artwork details:
The Do It Yourself artwork is from 'Do It Yourself' (plaster bandage, clay, cellulose and acrylic, 1996).


Left: Front cover of Do It Yourself. On the Second Coming tour, Ian Brown's singing was getting pilloried in the press, while John Squire was being proclaimed as the last guitar hero. Squire felt, to a degree, that he was doing it all on his own, and one of the last things that Brown said to him was "Do it yourself".
Right: 'Do It Yourself' (plaster bandage, clay, cellulose and acrylic, 1996), from the Manchester exhibition, May 2004. "A reaction to 'Second Coming'. I wanted to make it light, airy. I got a basketball, covered it in Vaseline, then in plaster. When it dried, I sawed it in half. I photocopied a jigsaw and cut out the pieces in paper, laid them in clay and used them as a template. It took days, so I didn't finish the back. There are huge geographical errors on the dark side !" (John Squire speaking to Select Magazine, November 1997).

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