Jail Of The Assassins

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Lyrics by:
Squire / Brown

Music by:
Squire / Brown


John Squire (guitar)
Andy Couzens (vocals)
Ian Brown (bass, backing vox)
Simon Wolstencroft (drums)

Produced by:
N / K

Available on:
The Ultimate Rarities (4.59)

First live performance:
N / K

The very origins of The Stone Roses, The Patrol, was formed in 1979 by John Squire, Andy Couzens Ian Brown and Simon Wolstencroft. Ian Brown's bass guitar had been bought from bandmate Wolstencroft for fifty quid. Three demo tracks were recorded in Stockport in 1980, 'Jail Of The Assassins', 'Too Many Tonnes' and '25 Rifles'. Other Patrol song titles include 'You're Laughing Now' and 'A Right Charlie' (an early anti-royalist effort).

In 2011, three of the four Patrol members - Squire, Brown and Wolstencroft - would, very briefly, share a stage once again, in their home city.

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