Armagideon Time

Stay around don't play around
This old town and all seems like I got to travel on

A lot of people won't get no supper tonight
A lot of people won't get no justice tonight
The battle is getting hotter in this iration, Armagideon time

A lot of people runnin' and a hiding tonight
A lot of people won't get no justice tonight
Remember to kick it over, no one will guide you, Armagideon time

This ol' town

Ivan and Fu-Manchu, they both are coming through, yeah

A lotta people won't get no supper tonight
A lotta people won't get no justice tonight
Oh remember to kick to it over
No one will guide you through Armagideon time, it's Armagideon
It's not Christmas time anymore it's Armagideon
A lotta people
All right, time's up, let's have you out of here
Ok, ok, don't push us when we're hot
A lotta people a-won't get no a-supper tonight
A lotta people sitting down by the light
A lotta people a-won't get no a-supper tonight
A lotta people a-won't get no a-justice tonight
Remember, a-kick it over
No one will guide you through Armagideon time (nights)
Armagideon time

Lyrics by:
Willi Williams

Music by:
Willi Williams


John Squire (guitar)
Ian Brown (vocals)
Mick Jones (guitar)
Pete Wylie (guitar)
Peter Hooton (vocals)
Roy Boulter (drums)

Produced by:

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First live performance:
On 2nd December 2011, John Squire and Ian Brown guested on Armagideon Time (a London Calling b-side) at Manchester Ritz.


Top: The Anfield pitch, blanketed with flowers and scarves in the aftermath of the disaster.
Bottom: The Hillsborough memorial at Anfield.

On 15th April 1989, 25,000 Liverpool fans travelled to a football match. 96 never returned. The Hillsborough disaster, a human crush at the Liverpool v Nottingham Forest F.A. Cup semi-final claimed 96 lives and caused injuries to 766 others. Liverpool fans were allocated the Leppings Lane stand, reached by a limited number of turnstiles. Entry to the ground was slow due to the few decrepit turnstiles available to the Liverpool fans which caused dangerous overcrowding outside the ground before kick-off. In an attempt to ease pressure outside the ground, Chief Superintendent Duckenfield ordered an exit gate to be opened. The opened exit gate led to a tunnel marked 'Standing' which led directly to the two already overcrowded enclosures. In previous years the tunnel had been closed off by police when the two central pens were full; however on this occasion the tunnel was unmanned. The ensuing influx of supporters caused crushing and some fans climbed over side fences or were lifted by fellow supporters onto the stand above to escape the crush. Moments after kick-off, a crush barrier broke and fans began to fall on top of each other. The game was stopped after six minutes. To carry away the injured, supporters tore down advertising hoardings to use as stretchers and emergency services were called to provide assistance. Of the 96 fatalities, 14 were admitted to hospital. When the FA Chairman visited the Control Box to find out what had happened, Chief Superintendent Duckenfield attempted to shift responsibility, making the fabricated claim that the supporters had "rushed" the gate. The 1990 official inquiry into the disaster, the Taylor Report, concluded "the main reason for the disaster was the failure of police control." The findings of the report resulted in the elimination of standing terraces at all major football stadiums in England, Wales and Scotland. On the 20th anniversary of the disaster, the Hillsborough Independent Panel was formed, with a remit to oversee full public disclosure of documents which were not made available to Lord Justice Taylor in 1989. In September 2012, the Hillsborough Independent Panel cleared Liverpool fans of any responsibility for the disaster. It reveals that attempts were made by the authorities to conceal what had happened, including the alteration of 164 statements relating to the disaster by the police. The report prompts immediate apologies from Prime Minister David Cameron, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police David Crompton, Football Association Chairman David Bernstein and Kelvin MacKenzie, then-editor of The Sun, for their organisations' respective roles in the cover-up. It concludes that up to 41 of the 96 fatalities might have been saved, had they received prompt medical treatment. The report revealed "multiple failures" by other emergency services and public bodies which contributed to the death toll.

On 2nd December 2011, John Squire and Ian Brown shared a stage for the first time since John's last Roses gig at Wembley Arena in December 1995. The duo performed Elizabeth My Dear, and were joined on stage by Mick Jones, Pete Wylie and Peter Hooton for renditions of Bankrobber and Armagideon Time. The event at Manchester Ritz formed part of the Justice Tonight tour, in aid of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. The Justice Tonight band went on to provide support on The Stone Roses' subsequent reunion tour. At the band's reunion press conference in October 2011, Ian Brown immediately pounced on a Daily Mail journalist who had introduced himself, asking "What does it feel like to represent the newspaper that used to support Adolf Hitler ?" British newspaper proprietor Lord Rothermere was a friend and supporter of both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, which influenced the Mail's political stance towards them during the 1930s. Rothermere's 1933 leader 'Youth Triumphant' praised the new Nazi regime's accomplishments, and was subsequently used as propaganda by the Nazi Party ("The minor misdeeds of individual Nazis would be submerged by the immense benefits the new regime is already bestowing on Germany", wrote Rothermere in 1933). A journalist with sharper wit might in return have asked Ian - sporting the latest Adidas range - "What does it feel like to be a walking advertisement for a manufacturer founded by a member of the Nazi Party, who produced boots for the Wehrmacht ?" It is all very well for Ian to shoot down the easy target of a Daily Mail journalist to generate a few titters from the gathered press, but his aim should perhaps have been directed instead towards the publication represented by the penultimate questioner at the conference, Gordon Smart of The Sun. In his desperation to be first with a reformation story, Smart's oafish intrusion and speculation in this period contributed to Mani having to make a blunt request for privacy in a time of grieving, following the passing of his mother. At the time of writing, The Sun's Facebook page features continuous sponsored content announcing the band's reformation, offering readers the chance to win concert tickets if they 'like' the page. For a band with admirably resolute principles in their pomp, it is dispiriting to see such a cosy relationship develop with The Sun. In promotion of his Greatest Hits solo release in 2005, Ian regaled The Sun newspaper with a story of how he was once "bombarded by a bevy of babes squashing their bare boobs against his windscreen." ... "I just thought to myself, this is rock 'n' roll !" (Ian Brown speaking to Louise Compton, The Sun newspaper, 16th September 2005). Thus, Ian can rail against the Daily Heil all he likes, but the endorsement sought from Rupert Murdoch's flagship right wing tabloid in both his solo career and his band's reunion is not exactly flying the flag for the counterculture. But you keep telling yourself you're still left wing of anarchist. A key purpose of this tour (stemming from the Don't Buy The Sun concert of September 2011) should have been to keep a spotlight fixed on The Sun's damning role in forming the immediate public perception of Hillsborough (on which note, I'll just leave this here; Be a little more choice in who you are giving shout outs to on that stage, Pete Wylie). In itself, Ian's appearance at the Manchester Ritz event in December 2011 is a welcome move, but sadly it is negated by the singer's continued amiable association with The Sun newspaper. Just in case Ian Brown's eyesight is failing him in his later years, that says 'Don't Buy The Sun' on the back of Pete Wylie's shirt. On the eve of The Stone Roses' reformation in October 2011, Ian Brown's chum Dynamo was drip-feeding Gordon Smart information on the band's reconciliation for the purpose of a Sun exclusive. The magician gleefully showed Smart the text on his phone containing affirmation from Ian Brown of the band's intention to reform. If Brown was au fait with Dynamo facilitating this exclusive to The Sun, then this does not sit well with the singer's appearance at Manchester Ritz six weeks later. If Brown was not cognisant of Dynamo facilitating this exclusive to The Sun - and I would be very surprised indeed if Dynamo was waving around contents of a personal text message to a national newspaper (complete with filming rig) without some form of consent - then the singer needs to sit his friend down and explain what the Don't Buy The Sun campaign is all about. A dynamo is a generator, a machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Well, the only thing being generated by the magician here are sales of The Sun newspaper. Speaking to The Guardian on 15th September 2007, Ian Brown was scathing of Bono and Bob Geldof for "hijacking the G8 Summit demo with their [Live 8] pop concert. The only result was Pink Floyd sold a few more million albums. People have to realise you don't help African children singing along to 60-year-old men playing their tunes from 40 years ago. It was like 1750 all over again: we are the great white do-gooders. If there is another G8 meeting then there should be a court order banning Pink Floyd or Geldof or Bono from leaving their houses until it's over." There is some weight in Ian's argument here (Where his case falls flat is the belief that a G8 summit is a force for good to begin with), but the very same principle needs to be applied to his own conduct in this regard. In order for the families of the 96 to counteract decades of institutionalized injustice, those responsible for the tragedy and those who smeared the names of the deceased must be brought to account. Very near the top of that tree is The Sun newspaper, an integral cog in the lying machine. Get that megaphone pointed in the direction of Kelvin MacKenzie / The Sun HQ. Otherwise, Ian is himself simply singing along to 60-year-old men playing their tunes from 35 years ago. I don't give a shit who supports Liverpool or who supports Manchester United. I don't give two flying fucks that Mick Jones supports QPR. Any jolly singalong with the focus on celebrating football fans of different stripes 'coming together' is deflecting attention from The Sun HQ. Any figures within the ranks who are facilitating exclusives to The Sun on the side are assisting The Sun HQ. Kenny Dalglish was telephoned by MacKenzie after the publication of The Sun headline, and the Liverpool manager very quickly put him in his place. Dalglish: "You know that big headline, 'THE TRUTH' ? All you have to do is put 'WE LIED' in the same size. Then you might be all right." / MacKenzie: "I cannot do that." / Dalglish: "Well, I cannot help you then." Nothing less than what Dalglish is demanding on this issue will do. That 13th September 2012 block headline (THE REAL TRUTH), 23 years after the event, ain't good enough. There is no such thing as the real truth. Only truth. 'THE REAL TRUTH' gives the misleading impression that The Sun was on some noble endeavour in April 1989 to ascertain the truth, and were innocently misled. Nothing could be further from the truth. Scratch just a little beneath the surface here and you find much of the underlying motivation for these 'events'. Speaking to John Robb backstage, a clueless Mick Jones commented, "This is a campaign for the 96 but it's all connected to things like Occupy Wall Street, St. Pauls (sic), the Arab Spring." Occupy Wall Street (and its London imitation) was the organised Left setting up shop, and the Arab Winter was Islamic Jihad on the march you utter fucking moron. Extinction Rebellion, another gatekeeper for global interests, is just the latest carbon copy of this 'direct action' franchise. The Left has created a veritable industry of lobbying corps, paid activism and fake squats, and all roads lead to George Soros #RentARiot. These are all just varying shades of orchestrated insurrection.

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