Golden Greats (November 1999)

6.5 / 10

An assured second LP.

1. Gettin' High
2. Love Like A Fountain
3. Free My Way
4. Set My Baby Free
5. So Many Soldiers
6. Golden Gaze
7. Dolphins Were Monkeys
8. Neptune
9. First World
10. Babasonicos

Released 8th November 1999:
Golden Greats (Polydor, 543 141-2, CD)
Golden Greats (Polydor, 539 141-4, cassette)
Golden Greats (Polydor, 543 141-1, Gold vinyl LP)

Released 1999:
Golden Greats (Interscope / Polydor, INTR-10068-4, US sample cassette)
Golden Greats (Interscope / Polydor, INTF-10041-2, US promo CD)

Released November 1999:
Golden Greats (Polydor, GOLDEN 1, Promo CD)

Released 1st November 1999:
Golden Greats (Polydor, POCP-7434, Japanese CD)

Released 2000:
Golden Greats (Interscope / Polydor, 3145437202, US CD)

Released 26th July 2005:
Golden Greats (Koch, KOC-CD-9912, US CD)

UK chart position: #14


Left: Golden Greats cover artwork. The album had the working title of 'From The Inside', alluding to Ian's spell in Strangeways prison.
Right: Golden Greats promotional card.

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