This section of the site will feature essays on specific aspects of The Stone Roses' work (music videos, artwork, etc) and investigate particular themes. These were the first pages to analyse John Squire's art - and his artistic influences - at length. Please email me at if you have any comments.

The influence of Francis Bacon on the Ten Storey Love Song video

Fra Filippo Lippi's The Feast Of Herod and How Do You Sleep

The artistic nature of Stone Roses photoshoots

A gnosis: the gnostic tone of the band's work

John Squire's interest in the subject of History

The Garden of Eden, where angels play

The Surrealist cinematic influence of Luis Bu˝uel's Un Chien Andalou on Squire's See You On The Other Side

The influence of Nature of the Threat by Ras Kass on Ian Brown's The Fisherman

An examination of the literary influences on The Stone Roses' work

The films that have influenced The Stone Roses

A look at the places that feature in the history of The Stone Roses

The people who have influenced The Stone Roses and those referenced in their work

The artists who have influenced John Squire

The meaning of Reni's cryptic 2009 poem, Don't Feed the Underdog

Ian Brown's brand of Christianity placed in the setting of The Screwtape Letters

JFK the first reality TV star ?

A university dissertation on the impact of The Stone Roses (2000)

A university dissertation looking over many musical court cases, including a large section on The Stone Roses (2001)

'How Manchester was Madchester ? The geography of the Madchester scene.' Dissertation by Dave Fawbert (2004)

'The role of popular music in the lives of its fans, from the perspective of fans themselves.' Thesis by Julie Marie Hutchinson (2004)

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