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'Where Angels Play'


GUITAR (clean sound)

The very first time I heard this tune was when I went to see the roses at Glasgow Green in 1990. I then discovered the studio version which was released on the b side of 'I wanna be adored'. My vinyl 12" didn't feature the tune, but I managed to acquire it as an extra tune on the cassette version of the single. After realising it was penned a good few years back, I started to explore most of the bootleg versions. This could have been a single in it's own right (as could most of the roses b sides!!!!).

The Intro setting listed below is the very first guitar sound you hear on this track. There are a few different layers of clean/chorus type sounds to experiment with, but I've chosen the one that will do you for most of the tune. Beneath the Intro settings are the suggested setting for the solo guitar sound. This is actually played with a slide and requires the guitar to be tuned to an open major chord. However, it can be replicated almost as well by standard tuning without the nuances of the slide

Equipment requirements are as follows: Single coil guitars at the ready (preferably fender strat) Capos at the 3rd fret. Bridge pickup selected. Clean sounding amp (preferably valve amp). Touch of Reverb. A Fuzz Face & chorus pedal if you don't have a POD.

Again I just used a pair of JVC HA-D616 headphones as my output from the POD. This way I knew the speakers or stereo wouldn't be colouring the sound from the pod. If you don't have a pod. Then a guitar with single coil pickups through any clean sounding amp with a heavy portion of chorus will get you this sound. If you follow the eq and effects settings on the amp settings from the pod screen dump below you should get something quite close.


(Attention: All pod users!!!)

If you are new to POD and the soundiver software that comes with it, then don't worry. There are a lot of settings on here, but even if you don't know how to work your editing software yet, you should still be able to get close just by turning the dials to roughly the same placement as shown here.

Hope you enjoy these settings!!

(If you come up with a pod sound that you think is more accurate, feel free to drop me a mail and I'll check it out.)


This sound should get you through the solo section. There are 2 key factors here. Fuzz and compression. Fuzz is sort of thicker than normal distortion. And compression squeezes the sound and can make it really punchy. The fuzz effect is quite different from distortion. So normal distortion won't give you the right thickness here. This is quite an intense sound and will only really be accurately achievable if you have access to a compression pedal/unit.
Even if you don't have the compression option, the fuzz face will get you pretty close.