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'Standing Here'



What an amazing intro to a song. This is definitely up there with my all time favourite intro's. I pressume he used his salmon pink strat for this one. That's what he used to play it live so it seems only logical to assume he recorded it using the same guitar. Although any guitar with single coil pickups will do the trick here. Amp wise, ideally you want to be using a MarkII Mesa Boogie on the drive channel. Alternatively, if you don't have a spare 1000 you can use any amp in the two possible ways.
a) Match the eq settings below and use a seperate distortion pedal. OR b) use the lead channel on your amp.

If you can achieve feedback from your amp at low volumes then you're onto a winner here. If not then don't worry as I've got a little trick you can use to achieve this. What you do is touch your speaker cabinet with the headstock of the guitar and hold the note you want to feedback. (A speaker cabinet is just what your speaker is attached to) Remember!!! You have to pick the note first, as it might not feedback simply by pressing down on the guitar. Experiment by touching a few places on the speaker cab/speaker. It does work on hi-fi speakers as well. You'll probably find it takes 2 or 3 seconds to start feeding back. And when it does you should get the same note but an octave higher in sound. Again, I used my JVC headphones to hear the sound direct from the POD. I recommend you listen with headphones through the pod first and then output to a medium of your choice. This way you can tell how it's supposed to sound and then adjust your eq/graphic on your amp, hi-fi or mixer to match the sound.

(Attention: All pod users!!!)

If you are new to POD and the soundiver software that comes with it, then don't worry. There are a lot of settings on here, but even if you don't know how to work your editing software yet, you should still be able to get close just by turning the dials to roughly the same placement as shown here.

Hope you enjoy this setting!!

(If you come up with a pod sound that you think is more accurate, feel free to drop me a mail and I'll check it out.)