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GUITAR (overdriven sound)

This is the guitar sound that you hear right at the start of the record. That first ringy sounding chord which is actually an E power chord. It sort of reminds me of that refreshing feeling you get after taking a big gulp of ice cold fizzy juice. Or emerging from underneath the water in a swimming pool after holding your breath for slightly too long!! That same sort of relief as you gasp for air again. Anyway......... lets get back to the sounds.

I must admit I found this sound quite hard to emulate on the POD as the chorus sound is quite hard to clone unless you're using the same pedal. However, it should do you for most of the tune except the solo.(Which is listed further down) You want a guitar with single coil pickups. (preferably a fender strat) Squire probably uses his tube screamer with a medium chorus sound. There is also a delay effect present (260 m/sec) with about 4/5 repeats. This effect is likely achieved from his midiverb II on patch 98, although I have recreated it roughly on the POD. The bridge pickup should be selected. (That's the one furthest away from the frets, or push the selector all the way down!!!) Again I just used a pair of JVC HA-D616 headphones as my output from the POD. This way I knew the speakers or stereo wouldn't be colouring the sound from the pod.

If you don't have a pod. Then a guitar with single coil pickups through any mildly overdriven amp (or clean amp with stomp box) with a medium portion of chorus will get you this sound. If you follow the eq settings on the amp settings from the pod screen dump below you should get something quite close.


(Attention: All pod users!!!)

If you are new to POD and the soundiver software that comes with it, then don't worry. There are a lot of settings on here, but even if you don't know how to work your editing software yet, you should still be able to get close just by turning the dials to roughly the same placement as shown here.

Hope you enjoy these settings!!

(If you come up with a pod sound that you think is more accurate, feel free to drop me a mail and I'll check it out.)


This sound should get you through the solo section. Again there is a slightly overdriven element to the sound, so non POD users switch to the overdrive channel on your amp and carefully turn up the dirt until it sounds close. Or alternatively hook up that tube screamer/overdrive pedal and play about with the amount of distortion. Since you're not likely to change guitars half way through a song, I would suggest still using the single coil guitar(strat) Not so much chorus this time. A nice bit of reverb will get you the depth you require here.