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'Elephant Stone'


GUITAR (clean sound)

I've taken this sound right from the end of the song which seems a bit odd I hear you say. It's just that it's easier to hear on the record at this point in the song. It should give you the right jangly feel to play through most of the tune. It should really be played on a guitar with humbucking pickups. However I used my strat on this tune as my gretsch wasn't at hand. I also used the bridge pickup to get the same tone. Although you can use various different outputs for amplifying your POD, I just used a pair of JVC HA-D616 headphones. This way I knew the speakers or stereo wouldn't be colouring the sound from the pod.

If you don't have a pod. Then a guitar with humbucking pickups through any clean sounding amp with a bit of chorus will get you this sound. If you follow the eq settings on the amp settings from the pod screen dump below you should get something quite close. A moderate amount of reverb will also make things nice and airy!!!

(Attention: All pod users!!!)

If you are new to POD and the soundiver software that comes with it, then don't worry. There are a lot of settings on here, but even if you don't know how to work your editing software yet, you should still be able to get close just by turning the dials to roughly the same placement as shown here.

Hope you enjoy this setting!!

(If you come up with a pod sound that you think is more accurate, feel free to drop me a mail and I'll check it out.)