Moving On

There was a time when I looked up to you
Hanging on the words you'd say
Oh, but that just seems so long now
Can't remember yesterday

And you ask me for that reason
Why do you think I'd change my mind ?
Staring you right in the face boy
Won't you quit wasting my time ?

Never felt so good
When there was a feeling
Oh time moves on anyway
Something else I believe in

I'm moving on, moving on
I'm moving on, moving on
Hey yeah

And you say you feel deserted
With no comfort of a friend
Well I'll say you've had it coming
Now this wound's just too deep for me to mend

And you say you're feeling sorry
But it's only for yourself
Because you never really cared for me
Just for you and no-one else

Time after time I would try to reach you
Always something standing in my way
Clarity is something I can't teach you
You've blown it all, you've thrown it all away
Oh oh oh ohhhh oh
Oh oh oh ohhhh oh

I'm moving on, moving on
I'm moving on, moving on
I'm moving on, yeah, moving on

And it's much too late for you and me
To get along, get along
Get along

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Blinded By The Sun single (b-side) (3.14)

This b-side was written by Helme when he was coming back from France.

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