Feel Like A God

Try to live the life of rhyme and reason
Something my mother said, roll up
Every city, every country, every sunrise
Give us our daily bread

Yeah this is a movin' violation
You send me out to the stratosphere
Wide open... ? ? ?

Chasing the planet round

You make me feel, you make me feel

Feel like a god
Yeah you're the best thing I've ever seen
I'll be your Sun King
If you promise to be my queen
Yeah you're the best thing I've ever seen

Lyrics by:
N / K

Available on:
Performed live at Buckley Tivoli on 14th May 1998; also available in demo form.

Feel Like A God was possibly intended for inclusion on the second Seahorses LP (so too, 'Pacific Blue' and 'Petroleum'). Strongly influenced by Squire's favourite Beatles track, Rain, the song exists in demo form, and was performed live at Buckley Tivoli, on 14th May 1998.

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