Groove Harder

Groove Harder contains no lyrics.

Music by:
Squire / Mounfield / Wren


John Squire (guitar)
Gary Mounfield (bass)
Alan Wren (drums)

Produced by:
Simon Dawson & Paul Schroeder

Available on:
Groove Harder is the fourth track on the vinyl version of the Love Spreads single.

First live performance:
Never performed live.

Groove Harder is a heavily edited instrumental jam. The name probably comes from the way the guitar between 0.18 - 1.06 particularly sounds like it is 'saying' the words 'groove harder' The 'groove harder' sounding guitar part appears to be looped from the end of the Good Times solo, the part just before Squire goes into the triplet solo at the end. Much of the song derives from edited samples of Good Times, triggered on a computer from a keyboard by Paul Schroeder. Reni's fill at the beginning of Groove Harder is almost the same as his fills on the Second Coming rehearsal sessions of Good Times.

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