Groove (Black Magic Devil Woman)

Groove (Black Magic Devil Woman) contains no lyrics.

Music by:
Squire / Mounfield / Wren

N / K

John Squire (guitar)
Gary Mounfield (bass)
Alan Wren (drums)

Produced by:
The Stone Roses

Available on:
The Complete Stone Roses (bonus disc) (3.27)

First live performance:
Never performed live.

Groove (Black Magic Devil Woman) is a jam that appears on the bonus disc of The Complete Stone Roses compilation, and was presumably never intended for release by The Stone Roses. Alan McGee states in an Uncut magazine interview from February 1998 that John Squire at one point was heavily into Santana, and the Santana song, 'Black Magic Woman' (originally written by Peter Green), is no doubt the influence on the choice of title here.

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