25 Rifles

Lyrics to 25 Rifles are unknown.

Lyrics by:
N / K

Music by:
N / K


John Squire (guitar)
Andy Couzens (vocals)
Ian Brown (bass, backing vox)
Simon Wolstencroft (drums)

Produced by:

Available on:
Never released.

First live performance:
N / K

This song by The Patrol was mentioned by Ian Brown in a Record Collector interview from February 1998. The Patrol featured Simon Wolstencroft on drums, who was in the same year as John Squire and Ian Brown at South Trafford College. The band, whose first session took place in Wolstencroft's house, had a short lifespan (1979 - 1980), playing approximately five youth clubs with Corrosive Youth, a punk group from Stretford. Squire later went on to form The Waterfront (also known as The Angry Young Teddy Bears, and Fireside Chaps), who ran from 1982 to the winter of 1983. Many years later, Wolstencroft reunited with Ian Brown, featuring on the Golden Greats LP.

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