Peter Hook Interview - 6th July 2009

  PETER HOOK co-founded Joy Division with Bernard Sumner in 1976. Following the death of lead singer Ian Curtis, the band reformed as New Order and Hook played bass with them until his departure in 2007. He is currently working on a project called Freebass, consisting of three bass players: himself, Mani (ex-Stone Roses) and Andy Rourke (ex-Smiths).

Thanks to Peter for taking the time to speak to the site.

Q1) When did you first meet The Stone Roses ?

At Martin Hannett's funeral, funnily enough.

Q2) You and Bernard Sumner were friends with Gareth Evans Ė tell me about your early friendship with the Rosesí maverick manager.

Gareth seemed okay, if a bit weird. Not great with people I'd say, a bit shy ?

Q3) Is it true that Gareth paid you £1,000 in cash for your production work on the Elephant Stone sessions ? Didnít you get two royalty points too ? A nice little earner in retrospect ?

Yes, after I had done it for nothing, he insisted I was paid. He also insisted I had two points, I didn't know what points were. Still not sure. I have earnt a fair amount from it, it's true. Wish I'd done the LP. Mike Johnson, New Order's Engineer, helped me a lot with the production.

Q4) Is it true that the Roses asked you to produce their debut album, but you had other commitments with New Order at the time ?

Yes, Technique.

Q5) What are your memories of the Spike Island gig ?

I took my kids, it was great, but lulled in the middle.

Ian Brown and Peter Hook backstage at Spike Island.

Q6) When the Roses entered their year-long court case with Silvertone between May '91 and June '92, were you still in touch with the band ? Can you provide any insight as to what was happening within the group at this time ?

As in most groups, they turned the resentment against each other. Gareth was a business idiot, ok in Manchester (big fish, small pond), but in the world (small fish, big pond), he was out of his depth. They could have been as big as U2, just like Joy Division and New Order, but got eaten from within. I did have the feeling that Gareth thought he owned them because he had supported them in the early days. A great shame. Iíd put Gareth in the Rob Gretton mould of being an anti-management manager, which is easy when you have a great band. He ultimately destroyed them I think. They had no leadership. He let them down.

Q7) What are your thoughts on Second Coming ? Producer John Leckie stated that it lacked the 'vibe' and 'immediacy' of their debut.

A bit indulgent, I thought. John Squire had taken over running the band. Most bands have the dominant one, who steers everything his way.

Q8) Did Mani influence your move into DJing ?

Yes, completely 100%. I owe him big time !

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