The Greatest (September 2005)

6.5 / 10

The Greatest is the first compilation album from Ian Brown, covering material from his first four albums and includes two new tracks, All Ablaze and Return Of The Fisherman. The compilation is available in a single disc Standard Edition and two-disc Limited Edition; the latter includes extended liner notes in book-sized packaging.

Standard Edition:
1. My Star (Album version)
2. Corpses In Their Mouths (Album version)
3. Can't See Me (Bacon & Quarmby Remix)
4. Be There
5. Love Like A Fountain (Single version)
6. Dolphins Were Monkeys (Single version)
7. Golden Gaze (Single version)
8. F.E.A.R. (Album version)
9. Whispers (Album version)
10. Forever And A Day (New version)
11. Keep What Ya Got (Album version)
12. Time Is My Everything (Album version)
13. Longsight M13 (Album version)
14. Reign (Album version)
15. Lovebug (New version)
16. All Ablaze
17. Return Of The Fisherman

Limited Edition (Bonus Disc):
1. Can't See Me (Harvey's Invisible Mix)
2. My Star (2002 version)
3. Dolphins Were Monkeys (UNKLE Remix)
4. F.E.A.R. (UNKLE Remix)
5. Thriller
6. Billie Jean
7. Time Is My Everything (Stateside Hombres Over Easy Mix)
8. Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.) (RRS Mix)
9. Superstar
10. Time Is My Everything (Ant Genn Mix)
11. Submission (Indie 103 LA Interview)
12. Desire (GusGus remixed By Ian Brown)
13. F.E.A.R. (The Bulletproof Demo)

Released August 2005:
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, Greatest1, Promo Sampler CD)

Released 19th September 2005:
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, 987 298-0, Double LP)
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, 987 287-3, Deluxe Limited Edition CD)
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, 987 287-4, CD)

Released September 2005:
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, UICP-1063, Japanese CD)

Released 4th October 2005:
The Greatest (Koch, KOC-CD-9959, US CD)

Released 12th December 2005:
The Greatest (Fiction / Polydor, 987 352-4, DVD)

UK chart position: #5

The Greatest cover artwork.

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